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Amend LLC Formation Papers

Like life, things change or rearrange, and we understand. We have the ability to change the following articles of your LLC in the matter of days:


•The LLC Name

•The LLC purposes.

•The LLC’s Registered agent.

•The LLC address

•The LLC Members( owners)

All we need you to do is just let us know what you want changed, how fast you need it done and your wish is our command.

What is the value an Amendement?

  • You can make changes to your LLC 
  • You can change the structure of your LLC
  • You can change the description of the LLC without closing it down. 
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We take our time with every step:

STEP 1: Confirm the good standing of your LLC in NJ.  

In NJ it is always best to confirm your LLCs  good standing with NJ. If you have not paid your NJ annual reports on time you are not in good standing with NJ in most cases.  We take a $15 non-refundable fee to confirm before we file the Articles of Amendment.

STEP 2: Do Name Search 

If you want to amended the name of the LLC we must do a name search. If this is not the case we skip this part.  

STEP 3: File the Articles of Amendment 

Once step 1 and 2 are complete we file the Articles of Amendment with NJ. In most cases we can have this completed as fast as 72 hours if a rush is needed. 

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