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Appoint us as your registered agent 

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You have the opportunity to secure the finest registered agent service, online, in New Jersey.


We will handle all correspondence with the New Jersey Secretary of state and any other government agencies to  make sure all legal and tax documents are managed.  

What is the value of a Registered Agent?

  • Help you avoid fines from the state of NJ. 
  • Frees up your time from Administrative tasks.
  • And a second layer of privacy.
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We take care of the heavy lifting

You are a busy business owner, you get important legal documents in the mail, or even court notices in person. In New Jersey you're required to have a registered agent (RA) to receive papers. Here's why having us as your RA is beneficial:


In NJ as your RA our address can be your address for all legal papers. That means you can have complete privacy and no one will know what your business address or home address. Also we receive court documents, public records, and in the event of a lawsuit we get that too. When it comes to junk mail - we get rid of it for you. 

Free Time

Acting as your own RA allows you to be available during non-business hours to receive documents. By appointing us, we free up time for you. And we all know time is money. And $90 dollars a year can save you $295 in fines from NJ.

Avoid fines

As your RA we are required to receive and help you reply timely to all notices that have critical filing deadlines. This allows you to stay in good standing with NJ and keep fines and penalties far away from you pockets. 

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