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My name is Carlos Fraser, EA.  I am one of the co-founders of NJ LLC Now Ltd . As a practicing tax accountant for over 20 years I always knew the importance of making sure your LLC is in good standing with the IRS and State of NJ. But covid-19 showed me that far to many people did not create their LLC properly or they were not aware of the hidden cost. 

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Our Story 

It all began when our NJ tax based CPA firm realized that  9 out of 10 small business that we created were LLC’s.  The formation services was not the main income source of the firm but more of a complementary service. However what we realized is that most LLC had the same issues:


  • They paid way to much to form the LLC when they used other online services. On average $650 or more.

  • They were not guided on the NJ ongoing fees and legal requirements. The NJ annual report system is very different from other states. 

  • They were shocked when it came to tax issues or even worst lost the LLC for not paying certain state fees timely.

  • They were not given ongoing services to grow their business. Such as the ability to remove, add, or even change the name of the LLC.


It became clear that if we could provide a low cost , fast, expert services that was simple to use we can help way more people in New Jersey.



Our mantra is "LLC NOW ,endless possibilities later."  For we are more than just a business formation website. 

Get fast formation of a New Jersey LLC for a flat rate of $475 that includes the state of NJ fee.
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