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New Jersey LLC Name Search

The New Jersey Department of the Treasury requires all business names to be distinguishable from other business entities in the state.

Your business name is not just the name of your business but of your brand. Your style you vibe. How you will make change, for yourself, your family or the world. It is not set in stone for you can amend your name but why do it twice if you can do it once?  Allowing yourself you take time on deciding on the name is key.

Forming an LLC has never been simpler thanks to NJ LLC Now, Ltd. We offer a streamlined process that includes personalized assistance every step of the way. Plus, with our affordable pricing, creating your own LLC has never been more accessible.

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 Domain Name Search

When choosing a business name you'll need to find out whether or not a good web domain name is available. Having a URL that clearly matches your business name is important. This small step can make a big difference in how prospective customers find your business.


Recommended: Open a second Tab and do step two. If you are clear BUY the URL. Avoid Domain Name front running

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 Search NJ LLC Name Availability.

You can check your business name availability by searching the New Jersey Business Name Availability online database.

Recommended: If you don’t have a business name yet or find that yours is taken, use our LLC Name Generator.

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Reserve Your LLC name if you are not ready.

You can optionally reserve your LLC name in New Jersey for up to 120 days before you officially register it. This prevents other businesses from registering your name until you have the opportunity to register it yourself. 

Name reservations can be filed online or by mail with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. The filing fee is $50.

Recommended: It may be best to use our New Jersey LLC formation. If you reserve the name the main issues is when it's time to create the LLC you can not do it online for the name is reserved. So you would have to file by Mail or Fax. 

At NJ LLC Now, Ltd., we provide fast and affordable LLC formation services. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your LLC is formed according to your specifications. Plus, with our online platform, you can easily file your paperwork and get started right away.

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New Jersey LLC Name FAQ


How do I check if an LLC name is taken in New Jersey?

You can use the New Jersey Business Name Availability tool to see if your business name is available.

Should I name my LLC after myself?

While there’s no rule against naming an LLC after yourself, most experts advise against doing this. 

One of the benefits of starting an LLC is the ability to choose a different name for your business, which can make it sound more professional. To explore other naming options, use your free AI-powered LLC Name Generator.

What words can’t be used in a New Jersey LLC name?

Business names generally can’t include words that imply the company is a banking or financial institution or that it’s affiliated with a local, state, or federal government agency.

Additionally, New Jersey LLCs need approval to include any of the following restricted words in their name: bank, banker, banking, blind, cemetery, citius, con-con, dba, e-com, express mail, handicapped, little league, mail, olympiad, olympia, olympian, altius fortius, olympic, olympus, realtor, trust, United States Olympic Committee, urban renewal insurance, zip code, and USPS.

Should I use an LLC name generator?

If you’re having trouble choosing a name for your LLC, an LLC name generator can help you come up with some ideas.


What is a brand name?

A brand name is a name a company gives to a product or line of products. It can be the same as the company’s name or something different. Learn more about branding with your business entity name with our How to Name an LLC guide.

Do I have to include LLC in my name?

Yes. New Jersey requires that its LLCs use “Limited Liability Company” or one of its abbreviations (e.g., LLC or L.L.C.) in their legal name. Learn more about LLC naming requirements in the New Jersey Naming Requirements section.

Do I need to renew my business name in New Jersey?

New Jersey doesn't require LLCs to renew their legal name, but alternate names must be renewed every five years with the Department of the Treasury.  You can renew online or by mail. The filing fee is $50. Learn more about alternate names with our New Jersey DBA guide.

Can my business name be different from my LLC name in New Jersey?

Some companies choose to operate under a name that’s different from their legal name. This can either be called a “doing business as” (DBA) name or an alternate name in New Jersey. In New Jersey, LLC alternate names are filed with the Department of the Treasury.

Learn more about alternate .

Does my LLC need a DBA name?

Your LLC doesn’t need a DBA name unless it plans to do business under a name other than its legal name. Learn more about New Jersey DBAs here.

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